For many of my patients, pursuing fertility treatment is a decision that has been a long time coming. It’s another chance to make their dream of having a family become a reality. I am extremely proud to make a difference for those who have been struggling with fertility, but the decision to start fertility treatment is one that you and your partner should take time considering. I’ve put together a list of some of the most important factors to consider as you begin thinking about your options.

Your Fertility Treatment Options

When thinking about fertility treatment, most people automatically think of IVF, but in vitro fertilization is only one out of the many options available to you. Your fertility doctor will discuss your options with you and your partner to help determine the best path for your specific situation but doing research on your own before your appointment is crucial. Going into your appointment with an awareness of your options, and what they entail, will help in your final decision, allowing you to feel more confident in your knowledge about this major step in your life

Your Physical and Mental Health

When you’re considering fertility treatment, your health is a major factor. Areas of health that your doctor will focus on will likely include your medical history, sexual history, and your sex habits. You should also take your mental health into consideration when thinking about fertility treatment. This path can often be very stressful, physically and emotionally, so you need to be sure that you are well-prepared and willing to take this next step. Women who are in better physical and emotional shape have been shown to have higher success rates with IVF, so you may want to start making lifestyle and habit changes sooner rather than later if you are thinking about fertility treatment.

Your Support System

Having a solid support system when undergoing fertility treatment is a factor that can make the process feel a little less intimidating. Make sure that both you and your partner are prepared for whatever treatment you end up pursuing, because fertility treatments are a decision that you both need to have a say in! Infertility is often accompanied by relationship strain, so if treatment is right for you, you may find that even through the stress, it ends up strengthening your relationship. You may even want to look into online or in-person support groups for others who are struggling with infertility or are in the midst of fertility treatment. Support is key, and encouragement from others who are having the same experience can make a huge difference.


If you are thinking about fertility treatment, make sure you take the time to consider your options. What to expect will depend on the treatment you end up pursuing, so your research and consideration process shouldn’t end with your appointment. If you are considering fertility treatment, please contact me so we can discuss your options. I’d love to talk to you and provide you with more information to help you along your journey.

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