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Do you have any burning questions about fertility, pregnancy, or reproductive health? What about family building? How much do you really know about egg freezing? As a reproductive endocrinologist, I believe that the best way to live your healthiest life is to never stop asking questions. It can be difficult to get in touch with your doctor, so that’s what I am here for! Here, you can submit any questions you have about the topics listed above, and I’ll do my best to answer them and post my responses below. This page will be a collection of answers to past questions and will be continuously added to as more come in.

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When is the Best Time to Freeze Your Eggs?

This is a very common question among women of reproductive age. We generally recommend that you freeze your eggs before age 35, but the answer to this question is truly different for everyone.

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What Do We Know About Male Infertility?

There actually isn’t a lot known about male fertility, and there haven’t been many recent advancements in how we analyze and diagnose male fertility. The primary test is semen analysis, where we measure the motility, concentration, and morphology of the sperm.

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What is Oncofertility?

Oncofertility is the field of freezing eggs or sperm before cancer treatment. Cancer survivors have much higher rates of infertility because life-saving cancer treatments can directly impact eggs and sperm. Oncofertility allows men and women to use their eggs or sperm to start families after cancer treatment.

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Is IVF Recommended for Those with Endometriosis?

Despite having open tubes, many people with endometriosis need IVF to conceive – the process improves the inflammatory environment in the pelvis created by endometriosis. IVF is very effective for those with this condition and infertility in general, especially if other treatments have not succeeded.

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