IRMS is very excited by the publication October 26, 2016 in Reproductive Biomedicine Online, a respected scientific journal, of the results of a follow up survey of children born after a special IVF procedure called cytoplasmic donation. This revolutionary procedure was performed at IRMS at Saint Barnabas from 1996-2001 to help couples with severe recurrent IVF failure to conceive.

The procedure involved injecting a small amount of cytoplasm from a donor egg into the mother’s egg during IVF. Because some of the cellular material came from a donor, these children have been erroneously dubbed “3 Parent Babies” by the press.

The parents of the 13 children that participated in the follow up report that their children are doing well. This is reassuring given that a related experimental procedure, mitochondrial transfer, has just been approved for study in humans in the UK. This current publication represents the largest and only long term follow up for this IVF technique.

For the study, more detailed information and a video of one of the children see the links below.

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