Despite the #pandemic and the need to wear a mask to decrease the spread of the covid19 virus, We Still Smile ☺️
@amyschuttmd pulled together IVF doctors from across the country to make this video to show our patients that we are still there for them.
Thank you to everyone who participated:
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Repost from @amyschuttmd
T O G E T H E R #WeStillSmile ✨
One of the most jarring realizations for me has been that face masks – once only seen in hospital operating rooms but now are ubiquitous – change the fundamental way in which we communicate. ✨

#SocialDistancing, quarantine and telemedicine abruptly limited face to face contact with family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, classmates, patients, and physicians. It’s been isolating. And lonely. And everyone is on Zoom overload.✨

It has been rewarding and uplifting to be back in clinic to connect with patients who have been waiting for months to resume care. But it’s also been different. Barely discernible smiles; absent hugs; temperature checks; no handshakes. ✨

As a community of fertility doctors, we stand together in unity to remind you that we care about you. We are celebrating your victories and mourning your challenges. These masks are a physical barrier but underneath, we still smile.✨
“Unity, to be real, must stand the severest strain.” – Mahatma Gandhi

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