OPK! What does that mean? Stands for Ovulation Predictor Kit. After you watch this video, you will become an expert on the language, specifically all the abbreviations in the world of #infertility and #reproductivemedicine
Understanding and knowing these abbreviations can make it easier for you to digest content online and help you to learn more. I love for my patients to be empowered with knowledge! However I know that too much information or inaccurate information can create issues as well. That’s why we work really hard on our content here, and at IRMS.com and all our social media platforms to provide you with education and information that is practical and informative. Being an informed and educated patient definitely improves your chances of having a better outcome. Thank you so much to my colleague and friend @nataliecrawfordmd for putting together this wonderful collaboration of reproductive endocrinologists from all over the country. #virtualhugs @DrSerenaHChen

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