This Photo is a Lie

This photo is a lie. This photo is a lie. I posted this photo collage on Instagram yesterday because everyone is posting photos of themselves in 2009 and in 2019. I thought – I have a great photo to post from 2009. I was on the cover of NJ Monthly along with 2 other doctors [...]

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Marriage equality does not equal parentage equality

Marriage equality does not equal parentage equality August 25, 2015 by Bill Singer Bill Singer, Esq. Singer & Fedun. LLC 908-359-7873   With the jubilation over the Supreme Court marriage equality ruling, a misapprehension has arisen that just being married confers legal parentage. Don’t be confused. Marriage and parentage are intertwined, but they are not equal and [...]

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Freezing eggs can “miraculously” preserve a woman’s ability to have a baby.

A diagnosis of cancer is life-altering, and one fear it may bring for women of childbearing age is that treatment could leave them unable to have children. Indeed, chemotherapy sometimes has that result. But pre-treatment oocyte cryopreservation— egg freezing—can often preserve a woman’s eggs for later use in in vitro fertilization (IVF). And this technology, [...]

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